Lifestyle Tri-Hull Enjoys Real Success

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Published in “Australian Fisherman and Boatowner” – March 2003 One of the success stories of 2002 was the emergence of Chris Reynold’s Lifestyle Boats’ GRP 6.7m Tri which settled down into production with one boat being produced each month throughout the year. As we pointed out in the boat test (F&B #70) Chris is a dedicated boat builder who has … Read More

Love That Lifestyle

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Article by Wayne Kampe Published in “Fishing World” – November 2002 This big new fishing boat combines the best of twin hull stability with mono hull economy and performance THE Lifestyle 6700 All Rounder is a trihulled half cabin that will appeal to anglers searching for a solid craft that offers a lot of comfort. It’s a dedicated fishing craft … Read More

Jack of All Trades

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Article by Rick Huckstepp, Photos by Rick Huckstepp & David Granville Published in “Trailer Boat” – May 2002 It can’t bat and it can’t bowl, but the 6700 Allrounder – by new boatbuilder on the block, Lifestyle Boats – can do just about everything else…. It seems the race is on to build the perfect family fishing boat. indeed, given … Read More

Enjoy Life in the X-7400 Allrounder

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Article by Wayne Kampe Published in “Queensland Fishing Monthly” – March 2007 Several years after the release of the soft-riding 6700 Allrounder, Lifestyle Boats have again wowed enthusiasts with the development of the X7400. Lifestyle Boats have delivered a fine craft set up with twin Honda 135 4-strokes that offers home-away-from-home comforts, a live-aboard capability, luxurious and innovative features and … Read More

Field Test of the 6.7m Lifestyle Allrounder

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Published in “Australian Fisherman and Boatowner” – December 2001 Introducing one of the few genuinely new and very innovative GRP boats we’ve seen in Australia in several years. A fibreglass tri-hull boat, this new entry has a wide range of applications and is sure to be a real success in both the commercial and recreational markets. Released at the 2001 … Read More