Here's what some people have said about the 6700 Allrounder and X-7400 Allrounder.

Performance, handling and safety in the very worst conditions are its key attributes making it an exceptional boat that sets new standards in this country. Steve Evans Marine Consultant Solas Propellers
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Steve Evans

Following are the fuel figures for a trip to Arab Reef which is some 57 Nm off Townsville. The boat was loaded with 400 litres of fuel, which was a full tank together with three guys, ice and gear for a 2 day trip. Weather conditions were 10 to 15 knots, with 1.5 metre seas from the NE. Leaving Townsville we headed straight into the wind and swell at 24 knots which proved to be a bit too bumpy for my old back, so I went and sat in the back seat and let Stephen drive, he came back in speed to twenty knots which provided a very comfy ride. The seas stayed pretty lumpy for the whole trip but apart from heading straight into the seas, the boat handled it with ease. In fact, on the way home I placed a self inflating mattress on the cockpit floor and…
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John C

Thought I would give you an update on Bridget. She is going well, I have had no trouble operating the boat at all, easy on and off the trailer, no trouble to manage by myself. No problems, everything is working well and Gail loves it, great for all the family. Have done about 7 trips now, mainly on Hervey Bay and have caught my first 3 Schnapper. About 30 hours, I'm glad we decided on the 200hp engine, I wouldn't go smaller, it seems to be a good size for the hull. Some information for you, on a flat ocean at 4000 rpm it is doing 21 knots and using about 1.1 litres per nautical mile (23 litres per hour), at 4500 rpm it is doing 26 knots and using about 1.3 litres per nautical mile (30 litres per hour). I think this is pretty good The Lowrance HDS 10…
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Purchasing a boat for my retirement has been a life time dream. I spent a lot of time on research into boats in America, Australia New Zealand and South Africa. I wanted a boat that was both pure fishing and safe enough to go well off-shore in south-western Victoria, but flexible enough to go cruising the wonderful waterways of Australia and have some creature comforts. My research came up with either a pure fishing or cruising boat and was at a frustrating point. Then I was on a visit to Australia (I lived in America for 16 years) and went to the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, and there is the Lifestyle boat with its clever design that offered the flexibility to do both. The boat at the show was a 6.7 m model, but eventually bought the X-7400 in May 2009. I am just so happy with the boat. Easy…
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Geoff S

My decision to purchase a 6.7m Lifestyle Allrounder was not taken lightly - it was the culmination of more than four years of research, during which time I examined every comparable glass boat available in Australia and overseas. It more than satisfies all the features I was looking for being safety and stability, offshore performance for deep fishing and diving trips in challenging and exposed weather conditions and the ability to become a live aboard cruiser for my family with a minimum of fuss. Combine this with extreme value for money and a standard of finish which cannot be replicated by any other manufacturer, in my opinion. The end result is a credit to Chris and his team at Lifestyle Boats - its performance is unsurpassed and in terms of appearance, it damned near creates traffic jams on both highways and boat ramps! I expect to enjoy the Lifestyle for…
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Peter H

Just a note to tell you that we have had some great testing conditions off the east coast recently (30 - 40 knots, 15km fetch very confused seas etc.) and the boat came through it magnificently. We were in company with a Bertram 26 and a 27 foot something or other and were very happy to be right with them at the finish. [Under the conditions, the maximum] we could do was 11-15 knots - same as them (at one stage the Bertram considered pulling out). ..... If anyone wants confirmation of sea keeping ability in rough conditions have them call me, there is nothing like coming through bad weather conditions undamaged to build confidence in a product.
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Andrew J

am very happy with the boat and ancillary rig. The trailer is a ripper, the ladder at the front is a godsend, and I am surprised that they are not standard on all trailers. I have no problems launching and recovering the boat in all weather conditions on my own, which is more than I can say for 90% of other makes at the boat club ramp. You certainly produce a very high quality unit, and I would be more than happy to provide a reference for you at any time for prospective buyers. Once again thanks for supplying such a wonderful rig, I can see myself using it for many years to come. James S
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James S

Just thought I would drop you a line to tell you how happy I am with my 6700¬†Allrounder. I have about 100 hours on it now - in less than 12 months - not bad for an employed person, hey! As you would be aware, I put a 250 hp Suzuki four stroke on it, spinning a 21.5 pitch prop and, I have to say, it is a fantastic combination as I can cruise at 25 to 27 knots at 4000 rpm for a total fuel burn of about 11 to 14 Lph, depending on conditions. So, with my boat having the 300 litre fuel tank, I could go to Tasmania on less than a tank of juice. ..... As you would be aware, running straight into a nasty Port Phillip Bay chop is a little bit uncomfortable with about 15-18 knots being the best speed or, if you are…
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Colin B

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